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Regional light rail: It’s coming — at a cost

Regional light rail: It's coming — at a cost

By Ben Savell, General Manager

March 27, 2019

The Seattle light rail promised to be efficient and convenient for the average citizen. Its planned expansions are anything but for the citizens of Mountlake Terrace.     When first proposed, the Sound Transit 3 ballot proposed the addition of 37 stations and 62 miles of light rail track by the year 2...

Sound Transit plans light rail to MLT, Lynnwood by 2023

Sound Transit plans light rail to MLT, Lynnwood by 2023

By Will Khadivi

May 1, 2012

Driving to Downtown Seattle on Interstate 5 during peak times from Mountlake Terrace is often described as a nightmare and with the population of the area growing, the problem is only getting worse. To help ease traffic, Sound Transit (ST) is planning to expand Link Light Rail to Lynnwood by 2023. The...

Seattle light rail

By admin

September 9, 2009

  An extensive light rail system has been a long time coming in Seattle, but it seems the new millennium has finally ushered in some action out of the political quagmire that has surrounded public transit in our fair city.In the summer of 2003, Sound Transit opened a line of passenger trains t...

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