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Terrace’s own rocketeer

By Nina Otebele, Outreach Manager

June 22, 2019

Some people believe that high school doesn’t help individuals grow and learn more about the world around them, but this is certainly not the case for Austin Thiessen. From being a shy and   introverted student in his freshman year, to an extroverted rocketry enthusiast in his senior year, Thiess...

Gender: not so easily defined

States shaded in light purple have non-discrimination laws covering sexual orientation and gender identity, and prohibit discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. States shaded in dark purple have employment non-discrimination laws which cover sexual orientation but not gender identity.

By Stephi Smith, Executive Editor

March 17, 2015

It was in the shower when freshman Flynn Thomas thought, “What if I was a boy?” He described it as “just another random thought among the millions of others.” However, the more he thought about it, the more he realized that it would make him happy to be male rather than female. “Then...

Karen Higgins is a true Renaissance woman

Erin Higgin’s senior year photo. Higgins graduated from Terrace in 2004.

By Joshua Morrison, Hawkeye staff

November 5, 2014

In “The Book of the Courtier,” Baldassare Castiglione describes the ideal courtier to be athletic, have knowledge of the fine arts and humanities, and have a warrior spirit. The guidelines he set eventually became what is known as the “Renaissance Man.” Unfortunately, it has been quite some...

Joanna Pudil: Ground zero witness

Joanna Pudil's senior portrait that appeared in the TEMPO yearbook.

By Paxtyn Merten, News Editor

November 5, 2014

As people covered in ash ran past her yelling out for medical attention, her husband said, “Don’t you dare,” on the other end of the line. An active social worker who found herself at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, Joanna Pudil saw no choice but to stay at the scene of the terrorist...

Alumnus Martin Hester: From athlete to amazing artist

Martin Hester as a senior at MTHS in 1989. Hester was on the basketball team, which placed fifth in state that year.

By Emily Anderson, Staff

November 4, 2014

It’s been 25 years since he stood in the Hawk Dome on the three point line, with sun in his eyes and took the shot. He is now known as the Seattle Chalk Guy, but in 1989 he was Martin Hester, number 32. At Terrace you could see Hester on the basketball court, the football field and even at Alfy’s...

From Red Robin to the Hollywood Tavern

Josh Henderson today looks quite a bit different than when he was a senior at MTHS, in 1990. Today, Henderson is a chef and restaurateur.

By Stephi Smith, Executive Editor

November 4, 2014

Since he graduated with the class of 1990, MTHS alumnus Josh Henderson has been living out his dream in Seattle as a restaurateur. Henderson founded multiple businesses in the food industry, including Skillet Group, Huxley Wallace Collective and Hollywood Tavern. He created Skillet in 2007, a chain...

Turning loss around

By Vince DeMiero

March 31, 2011

She is one of the strongest people you may ever know. You have probably seen her face around school. Maybe you’re her friend, and perhaps she’s in one of your classes. Odds are, many of you have heard her story. And when she told it, you likely felt sad, and wanted to help her. Tears may have come. In...

Upcoming seasonal events

By Hawkeye Staff

January 17, 2011

February, March, and April are exciting months in Washington as many seasonal events take place. In the month of February, the Northwest Flower and Garden Show will be showcasing 30 full-scale and exquisitely landscaped gardens, created by top designers, nurseries, and organizations located throughout...

Photo story: Pike Place Market

Brightly colored fresh vegetables and fruits line the walkway in the main produce area of Pike Place Market.

By Hawkeye Staff

February 10, 2010


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