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New trend: Intermittent fasting

Erika Fisher | Hawkeye

By Luke Luttrell

March 13, 2013

The concept of fasting was developed centuries ago in order to comply with religious demands. Some religions, such as Buddhism and Catholicism, fast in out of respect during certain religious observations. While there are many reasons to fast, the most popular reasons, in addition to religious purposes,...

Gluten-free: a popular diet trend

By Sarah Barisic

February 11, 2013

A recent fad diet, eating gluten-free (GF), has escalated due to the limelight received through popular success stories and media. Gluten is an “elastic- type” protein found in grains, which include wheat, barley and rye. A common misconception of a GF diet is that it’s merely a wheat free diet,...

Don’t settle for unhealthy food

By Nathan Koplitz

June 19, 2012

Having to worry about homework and studying for finals seems to take up too much time out of our daily lives, but with summer well on the way, all those worries will be set aside for the time being. For most teens with a full schedule on their hands, setting aside time for little healthy choices can...

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