The Hawkeye

Ahh…the good ol’ days

By Hawkeye Staff

March 3, 2010

Hello. I’m a senior, and I have my eighth semester coming up. My comrades and I in the Class of Ten feel strange right now. We’re listless, languished, lackadaisical, and languorous after three and a half years of Mountlake Terrace High School. No doubt we have regrets and remorse. Maybe we should...

Winter time

By Hawkeye Staff

January 14, 2010

Hi. I’m sitting at my dark gloomy computer on this dark gloomy day writing this column, and can’t help but feel that all the energy in the school has been sucked out by some boring, malevolent force. There’s really nothing gravitating me towards Mountlake Terrace other than a desire to fix my broken...

PPP and Macho Volleyball

By Hawkeye Staff

November 4, 2009

Hi. I’ll get around to telling you about ASB stuff, but I can make your life significantly more interesting with this paragraph right here. I would like to share a mind-blowing experience with each and every one of you. Some of us ASB folks noticed this a while back. What I would like everyone reading...

Plan now for the events of a month of Hawk spirit

By Hawkeye Staff

October 14, 2009

Hi. How are you? Wait, that’s a pretty loaded and thought-provoking question. Just read the rest of this article to find out about cool stuff at Mountlake Terrace. A pleasant surprise this year has been the varsity football team. They aren’t bad at all; in fact they are quite good. While I’ve seen...

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