‘Good Doctor,’ a great play

By Shannon Beaumont

The weekend of May 17 through May 19, every night at seven, the comedy play “The Good Doctor” took place for $5 a night.
“The Good Doctor” is a play about a writer, also the narrator, which told the stories that he had written, played by Vincent Max.
The play had about eight mini stories, that typically had a sad ending, but for those that did, there was an alternate ending that left the crowding laughing.
One of the mini stories in the play was “The Sneeze,” which was a scene where Myles Stillwaugh, sophomore, playing the role of Cherdakov, sneezed on Brassilho, Cherdakov’s boss’s boss, played by Chris Ryder.
Brassilho yelled at Cherdakov and then got fired, and died. In the alternative ending, he received five million dollars.
Each mini story received a different reaction from the audience, ranging from uproarious laughter to collective awes.
“I thought it was fairly entertaining, especially considering the fact they were meant to be sad stories,” freshman Stephen Cuplin said.
The audience’s seemingly favorite mini stories based on reactions to each scene were “The Surgery” and “A Defenseless Creature.”
“The Surgery” was about Sexton, a priest, also played by Ryder, who limped into the dentist because his tooth ached, and he wanted to get it better and heal.
In the scene, the dentist wasn’t available, but his apprentice, played by Evan Roberts, was anxious to help. He took tweezers and started to pull out the aching tooth, which Sexton was very much against. The scene ended with the two on the ground after a hilarious fight for the tooth.
In “A Defenseless Creature,” an old woman, played by Kayla Steuart, goes to a banker, played by Max, and harasses him repeatedly by yelling, putting curses on him, and hurting his injured leg, just begging him for money, which he finally gave.
“Being in ‘Good Doctor’ was fun, but one of the best experiences was learning how to hold vomit in until I was off stage (I was very sick),” Stillwaugh said.
A sophomore, Stillwaugh also played a sailor in the mini story, “The Drowned Man.”
The crew liked working with the cast on the comedy play.
“I really enjoyed being around all of the cast and crew throughout the show. Being around your friends for a while is always a blast,” said Assistant Stage Manager, Troy Lyrberg.
Lyrberg believed working on the play to be one of the best things to do in the school, as he said, “I wouldn’t trade that feeling of having a successful show for anything but a cup of Joe while working on the next one.”