Making up snow days needs serious rethinking

By admin

With the snow from months ago long melted away with everything else that happened then, our state and district still expect students to go to school for those days that were lost. Due to having school cancelled, students were able to sleep in as long as they wanted and not have to worry about getting to class or even finish up some homework that wasn’t quite complete, but it was great because they had the extra time to finish it. Students who enjoyed those days off from school might have been thinking they wouldn’t have to go back at all.
Unfortunately that’s not the case.
Instead of getting out on the June 20, MTHS (and all the schools in the Edmonds School District) will be getting out on Monday, June 25.
However when we are in school for three more days than planned, Shorecrest and Shorewood high school students will be outside enjoying the sun, sleeping in until their heart’s content or doing what they please and not have to worry about going to school.
It may not seem as bad, but the June 25 is a Monday, and it is only a half day of school. If it was a full day then it would make more sense to go to school, but it’s only for a couple of hours and then we’re back on the road to go home.
So, after that great weekend, students are expected to go back to school for half the day instead of having it off for summer.
Officially, teachers and administrators have to say the last day of school is mandatory, but what are we to do while we are there?
Even though it may seem like students have it the worst, teachers are expected to be able to teach us everything we need to know for next year in the days we missed. Teachers have probably crammed in what we missed in those three days already, so why do we need to go back to school on a Monday, for a half day? Going back to school just for half the day means that more energy is used tha n needed. If we didn’t go to school on the 25th then we could save more energy than we think. Some classrooms may not be even doing anything the last days of school because the teachers have already taught them everything that was needed to be learned.
So, why have us make up days if we already have everything covered by our teachers?
If there is something we have missed in a class or two then it’s a good idea to go. But, even then we don’t need to go to class because on that half day classes will be less than half as long as they usually are, so students wouldn’t even have enough time to talk to their teachers about their grades. If there’s nothing else to do in class then there is no point in going.
It’s unnecessary to be going back for unplanned days. These unplanned days are just going to be chaos, the students will be bored, the teachers unprepared – these will just be days we go to school to appease the state and the school district.
Though making up days for some teachers may be a good idea, it might be a bad idea for others who don’t have anything planned out for students to do. We shouldn’t have to make up days if we have already completed our studies for the year.
Students may be wondering why we even need to make up these days, but the state requires students to be in school for 180 days. Still, if we have everything learned, then there is no point in going to school extra days.
Why must there be extra days added to the end of the school year? We should just go in after school or during PASS to make up what is missed instead of going to school for a couple extra days. There is no point in going to school for the half days, no one is going to learn anything useful.
Though we must go to school for the set amount of days, it is useless if we don’t learn anything at all.