‘Tis the season to bundle up and stay cozy

By Evan Kerani and Ciara Constantino

As the winter season approaches, people are dressing comfortably stylish. From turtlenecks, flannel, fuzzy socks, jeans, cashmere sweaters, beanies and boots, the new season of style is slowly beginning. 

While walking around the halls or outside, you’ll notice people wearing simple hoodies and flannels, or something extravagant like trench coats, turtlenecks and scarves. Gone are the days of short sleeves and shorts, and in are the days of bigger and fluffier clothes. 

“You have got to get the fluffy stuff. Layers are great. Colorwise, avoid warm colors” said sophomore Kelly Lai.

During the winter season, you need more layers because of the colder weather. This leads to much bigger and fluffier clothes covering more skin. Cooler colors fit into the season, while warmer colors stick out like a sore thumb because of their contrast with their surroundings. Bigger and bulkier clothes are more in style as well because of their ability to insulate.

One piece of clothing that it is in this time of year is the trench coat. Although it’s not typically seen at our school, it’s most likely seen on the streets. You have probably seen someone walking into a store or cafe with a long, stylish trench coat, maybe even with boots to match. They are comfy and warm, covering more of your body than other coats.

Another winter fashion staple are high boots. During the season, it is essential to get your hands on these. In addition to being fashionable, they are also comfy and practical, as they help withstand the cold brought on by the winter season. They are a must have for any fashion lover.

Yet another piece of fashion that is in right now are cashmere sweaters. The cozy sweaters are perfect for the cold winter months. They’re cute, comfortable and stylish, and are a perfect kickoff to the winter season. They’re the perfect sweater to wear while sitting next to a fireplace reading. 

Nothing can equal the warm, cozy feeling you get when wearing them. Additionally, cashmere sweaters avoid the itch of other kinds by using a less scratchy, more comfortable type of wool that nothing else can rival.

As winter break approaches, consider checking out these outfits. Who knows? Maybe you will feel the warm, fuzzy feeling of wearing a sweater and socks by the fireplace while sipping a nice, warm cup of hot cocoa!