Supporting each other… literally

By Kennedy Cooper, Sports Co-Editor

Seniors Hannah Gibson and Caylie Laney have been dedicated cheerleaders at Terrace for three years of highschool. Gibson has been cheering since sixth grade as a Little Hawk.

“It was kind of just a spur of the moment thing. My stepmom was friends with the coach that was doing the MTYAA team and they needed more girls and I was doing nothing in the summer so I just kinda joined and liked it,” Gibson said.

Laney, on the other hand, originally joined because a friend wanted her to tryout with her and now it’s become something really important to her.

Both of these girls have put a lot of work into their team and it has definitely paid off seeing as they have made it to state two years in a row. Going to state has been a highlight for both of them, especially their junior year when they found out last minute that they had to compete in a state qualifier competition. When they found out that they made it, it was a huge bonding moment for their team.

Bonding was important to both of them and its created some of their fondest memories. Gibson said,

“My favorite memory was at a camp we have over the summer at Central Washington and it was just a fun group of girls and we had the nights to ourselves in the dorms so we just got to hang out and we all went into one room and just talked about life and i’ve never been on a team that was so open to talk to people about things so I would say that was fun.”

Because of the strong bonds that Gibson and Laney have made with their team and coach over the years, having to part with them will be difficult.

“I’m going to miss a lot of the underclassmen that i’ve gotten to know over the years,” said Laney.

After high school both plan to continue their education but unfortunately, will not be continuing their cheering career. Gibson plans on attending Gonzaga University where she will be majoring in Biology and Pre Medicine. Laney will be attending University of Washington and is majoring in Pre Health Sciences.