“The Anatomy of Gray” to arrive in theater Friday

By Zoe O'Brien, Hawkeye staff

“The Anatomy of Gray” put on by the MTHS Drama Department opens Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31 at 7 PM in the theater. The play was written by Jim Leonard Jr. and takes place in the 1880s, touching on themes of love and overcoming loss.

“The Anatomy of Gray” is a story about Gray, Indiana, a small, religious town stricken by illness. This story of conflict, heartbreak, drama and love will bring you to tears and warm your heart with the MTHS Drama’s beautiful performances.

Aly Pratt, a freshman acting as Tiny Wingfield, said about her character, “She’s a sassy, funny, old lady.”

Pratt performed in “The Robber Bridegroom” earlier this year and is looking forward to this opening night. Many actors fear stage fright; however, this is not the case for Pratt.

“The last play I wasn’t nervous at all, all I had to do was scream, this time I have more lines so I am more nervous But I think it’ll be fine since the lights are so bright you can’t really see the audience,” she said. Pratt is excited for her part in the production and will continue to audition for future plays.

Another character is the beloved Belva Collins, played by sophomore Sarah Acheson. Acheson described her character as “a woman who appears to be very sassy and a drama queen, but also has a heart and is caring for the rest of the people in the town. She has the mindset of seeing herself as the one of the of the most important characters.”

Acheson has to play a character who is almost the polar opposite of herself. A struggle with acting is stepping into a new life every time that actor is on the stage.

“A lot of acting is trying to portray different characters with different points of view. It’s actually quite fun being someone I’m not and surprising people who think I’m one way and see me act differently,” Acheson said.

Acheson is a familiar face among the drama department and will no doubt put on an amazing performance.

The production of this play began around January, giving the cast three months to rehearse. Tickets are $7 for all audience members.