Third annual NOW Show presented to freshmen, serves as guide on how to make the best of high school

The transition from middle school to high school can be a challenge, according to MTHS administration. But the third annual NOW Show presented to freshmen in the MTHS theater on October 14 attempted to make that process easier for new ninth graders.

Incoming freshman spent the morning of the PSAT and practice ACT tuned into the NOW Show, hosted by English teacher Vince DeMiero.

The NOW Show aims on educating freshmen on how to make their high school years as successful as possible in a talk show format, complete with a band, entertainment, multiple Theatre sports performances and prizes given to participants.

Guest speaker and MTHS alumnus Tom Carpenter attended and was interviewed by DeMiero about his life after graduating MTHS.

Career Specialist Barb Brister was credited with planning the show by band teacher Darin Faul, who was also involved with the NOW Show.

“Overall I was really happy with everything that was in [the show]. I thought it went really well,” Brister said.

Brister also encouraged freshmen to get involved around the school in order to make their high school years as memorable as possible.
Faul also voiced his encouragement for freshmen to engage in school activities, asking students what they can do in their future to make “the next group of people coming in after you feel better than you did.