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  • Seniors: Graduation will be this Saturday, June 16th, 7pm, at Edmonds Stadium

  • After school activities will operate as planned on June 7 after determining threat to be hoax

  • MTHS entered total, then modified lockdown status after rumors of a threat of violence

Student voices take center stage at assembly

By Isaac Otis, Managing Editor

January 17, 2017

Filed under Letter from the Editor, Op/Ed

On Jan. 13, ASB and the Black Student Union (BSU) collaborated to bring the students of MTHS one of our best Martin Luther King Jr. assemblies yet. The Dynamics’ rendition of “Rise” by Katy Perry, a symbolic performance from selected members from the drum line and a version of Martin Luther King...

Structural racism may be prevalent in MTHS, community

By Gavin Norley, Hawkeye Staff

January 12, 2017

Filed under A&E, Lifestyle, Op/Ed

MTHS is full of different groups and people. But one question comes to mind when observing these groups: Do the students hang out with the people in their groups because of their race? Think about your race. Now, think about the race of all your friends. Is it diverse or are all of you the same? ...

Making the Newseum my home and 50 other student journalists my family

By Stephi Smith, Executive Editor

December 2, 2016

Filed under Featured Stories, Op/Ed

Sometime in the January of 2015 I tweeted “the Newseum is literally my home” after having taken a trip while visiting D.C. for a national high school journalism trip and later, in June of 2016, that became all too true. From June 18-23, I was able to make that tweet a reality when I spent f...

TMI Podcast

TMI Podcast

November 9, 2016

Filed under Op/Ed, Podcast, TMI

TMI – The Teresa and Marianne Introspective TMI is a weekly news and current events podcast written and hosted by Hawkeye OpEd Editor Marianne Nacanaynay and staff reporter Teresa Bonilla. TMI is produced and engineered by sophomore Ben Eyman in the Hawkeye Studios on the campus of Mountlake Terrace ...

Code violations, social media, hazing

By Kim Stewart, Athletic Director/ Activities Coordinator

October 26, 2016

Filed under Op/Ed

Since I became the Activities Coordinator and Athletics Director here at MTHS in 1995 there is one thing that rips my heart out every time – having to tell a student athlete they cannot play. Whether it’s for grades or a violation of the athletic code, believe me it’s not a job many people w...

Homecoming thank you’s, clowns, pigeons and a few other random thoughts

By Greg Schwab, Principal

October 26, 2016

Filed under Op/Ed

That was a great Homecoming Week! I was so impressed by the effort put into planning the week by our ASB, for all of the spirit shown for all the dress-up days and on the day of the assembly. The whole week was just a great example of the kind of school we are—spirited, welcoming and enthusiastic. These are all ...

Making your voice matter

By Stephi Smith, Executive Editor

October 26, 2016

Filed under Letter from the Editor, Op/Ed

“Why do we have to keep talking about politics?” The voice of apathy interrupts the conversation, cutting a productive voice in half. It’s not a quiet voice. It’s raised above the others, eyes looking around as everyone stops in their tracks. I’m not sure when it became cool no...

Chromebooks are not an improvement

By Yannie Tran, Hawkeye staff

October 25, 2016

Filed under Op/Ed, Pro/Con

There are many disadvantages and consequences to implementing Chromebooks at this school. These Chromebooks have caused the Wi-Fi to be shut down which upset many students like myself because there is no service or very little service in the school. Chromebooks are less useful offline, and w...

Chromebooks enhance daily school work

By Mikayla Smith, Hawkeye staff

October 25, 2016

Filed under Op/Ed, Pro/Con

For the past couple of years, we have been using Chromebooks in several classes, including English and history. While middle school students have had their own Chromebooks to use since the 2015-2016 school year, high school students haven’t had one-on-one access until this year. This year each high school student i...

Transgender youth exist

Transgender youth exist

By Cierra Markert and Issa Moffet

October 25, 2016

Filed under Lifestyle, Op/Ed

You would never want one of your friends to feel unsafe coming to school, so why would you want someone else to feel that way just because they are a little different? The transgender community is growing larger and larger each day because it is now considered “socially acceptable” to be who y...

Welcome to the Chromebook One-to-One Initiative

By Marianne Nacanaynay, Op/Ed Edtitor

September 7, 2016

Filed under Education, Featured Stories, Op/Ed

In 2014, Chromebooks surpassed iPads in sales for classrooms. Now, a 1:1 policy for high school students and Chromebooks has just started with the help of funding from the Foundation for Edmonds School District. The program successfully integrated with the Alderwood, Brier Terrace, College Place and...

Embracing civility in political discussions

By Joey May, Hawkeye staff

April 19, 2016

Filed under Op/Ed, Special Edition

In the midst of one of the most polarizing and venomous election cycles to date, many political discussions are beginning to sound more like personal attacks rather than intelligent discussion over different ideologies and their merits. To be fair, it’s clear that this phenomenon is not limited to de...

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