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Math Man! The heart of MathMas

Math Man! The heart of MathMas

By Maggie O'Hara, Co-Editor In-Chief December 17, 2022

What’s that? The distant sound of algebraic equations harmonizing together in a beautiful melody. A flash of a hot pink cape in the hallway. Could it be? The beloved and highly anticipated tradition...

Terraces timeless holiday traditions

Terrace’s timeless holiday traditions

By Dewey Jones, Hawkeye Staff December 16, 2022

Every time the ingredients for the Christmas cookies get taken out, or the presents are piled under the tree, it summons a feeling of unrivaled joy. It’s always such a special moment to see the house,...

Tis the season to bundle up and stay cozy

‘Tis the season to bundle up and stay cozy

By Evan Kerani and Ciara Constantino December 16, 2022

As the winter season approaches, people are dressing comfortably stylish. From turtlenecks, flannel, fuzzy socks, jeans, cashmere sweaters, beanies and boots, the new season of style is slowly beginning.  While...

An evening swing to end the night

An evening swing to end the night

By Miles Young and Sofia Nowak Terkelsen November 11, 2022

On Nov. 4, MTHS hosted a swing dance, a night filled with fun dance, delicious desserts and wonderful jazz music. Performing were Jazz Ensemble 1 and 2 along with vocalists, soloists and even two dance...

The spookiest of seasons is here!

The spookiest of seasons is here!

By Ethan Holt October 21, 2022

Fall has come and the festive fun is just starting, with pumpkins, treats and golden leaves. And yes, Halloween is on the horizon.  From costumes and supplies to the most chilling horror movies, MTHS...

The daily activities of the caretakers of Terrace

The daily activities of the caretakers of Terrace

By Terina Papatu and J Gurney October 21, 2022

While most confuse the two and there are a few similarities, there is a difference between custodial and janitorial staff. There’s not too much of a difference, but as a janitor, a person’s job includes...

Homespun social media accounts aim to create community

Homespun social media accounts aim to create community

By Kaylee Miyamoto October 21, 2022

Last school year, many students would see accounts popping up showcasing bizarre photos, confessions and more. While the infamous accounts have returned this year, students have also seen the new addition...

Freshmen in the stands at orientation enthusiastically putting their hands together to clap along to the cheers theyre learning.

Freshmen learn the MTHS way

By Jakob Nacanaynay and Terina Papatu September 11, 2022

On Aug. 31, incoming freshmen were given a sample of what the Terrace experience is like at orientation. Two sets of bleachers were almost completely filled by the over 420 students in the class of 2026...

A chart of the most common responses upperclasmen gave when asked what advice theyd give to incoming freshmen. Out of 56 responses, the most common was study more, procrastinate less with 14 people saying it, followed by join clubs and go to school events with 10 responses, be yourself with 9 responses, be humble with 7 responses, socialize with 6 responses, try new things with 5 responses, respect your peers with 3 responses, and last but definitely not least, dont date a junior or senior with 2 responses.

Advice from one class to another

By Maggie O'Hara and Rachel Davis September 11, 2022

While students across the country prepare to return to their academics this September, some go up one step in the same school, and others take a larger step into a whole different experience. Freshman...

Fall fashion trends follow with the change in season

Fall fashion trends follow with the change in season

By Denise Muńoz and Sloane Andrich September 7, 2022

Fashion has always been an interest to both of us because of the deep connections it has. It has the power to transform and influence lives. Since we all need to wear clothes, and each item we purchase...

Damaris Ibrahim kneels on the starting line of the Terrace track, getting ready to race off while looking up at the camera dramatically.

Running full speed into a very bright future

By Terina Papatu July 15, 2022

From her elementary school days to senior year and onward, senior Damaris Ibrahim has been involved in more activities than one would think is humanly possible. Juggling music, sports, and other extracurriculars...

Mackenzie Kier sitting at a table in the Terrace library flipping through pages of the book The Cruel Prince while reading it.

Book Battler is also a featured artist

By Phuong Lam July 15, 2022

“The Catcher in the Rye,” “Charlotte’s Web,” “The Great Gatsby,” “The Giver” and even more bestselling novels can be found in Terrace’s library, where senior Mackenzie Kier chooses...

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