Police respond to “nonspecific bomb threat,” find no credibile threat

By Nick Fiorillo

Police responded to a bomb threat earlier this morning after a student reported a threatening message scratched into a boys’ bathroom stall.

“This morning we had a student come in and report that there was some graffiti in a boys’ restroom that had been scratched into one of the stalls,” Principal Greg Schwab said.

Schwab said police did not find any credible evidence to indicate a legitimate concern following a thorough search of the campus.

“We called 911 and consulted with the day shift supervisor who felt that at this point it didn’t warrant an evacuation of the building,” Schwab said.

Schwab described the threat as a “nonspecific bomb threat, that basically said, ‘I’m going to blow up the school.'”

Schwab said they immediately contacted 911 and police responded.

“We did a thorough search of the building, have not found anything suspicious and we’ll continue to watch,” Schwab said.