Homecoming Senior Court 2013

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Homecoming Senior Court 2013

By Erick Yanzon

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IMG_9527_Greg Bowman

Greg Bowman

IMG_9498_Maddy Kristjanson


Maddy Kristjanson

IMG_9475_Conner Bruce


Connor Bruce

IMG_9513_Courtney Hammer


Courtney Hammer





IMG_9494_Kristjan Pedersen


Kristjan Pedersen



IMG_9533_Sydney White

Sydney White

IMG_9679_Jack Pearce


Jack Pearce

IMG_9524_Megan Bruce


Megan Bruce

IMG_9682_Toby Munnis


Toby Munnis

IMG_9502_Wyatt Allemann


Wyatt Allemann

IMG_9482_Brittany Kinsella

Brittany Kinsella



Barbara Biney (Not pictured)


Photos taken by Serafina Urrutia

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