Halftime Reactions: Willits may keep a full head of hair


By Austin McDermott

Steve Willits just may be able to save his hair after all.

After a rough (and sloppy) opener to the meager Stanwood Spartans, things didn’t look bright coming into the Hawks’ matchup with the Edmonds-Wooday Warriors.

I’ll admit it. I was wrong.

This team regrouped and has come out looking sharp. And I mean sharp. With only one first half turnover (and it came on the first play of the game), Jonathan Williams has done a fine job filling in for the injured Justin Hopkins at QB.

Gabe Brady has been the Hawks’ go to receiver and consistently has made important catches to move the chains.

Ryan Lacasse, Eni Klosi, and Chance Ragsdale have all played at the level we expected coming in to the season. (I want to point out that the low numbers from last week were anything but their fault, the entire team seemed to be in disarray.)

The defense has stepped up and made big plays, slowing down the flash known as Junior Opoku-Mensah. At 5’9″, 175 lbs, he’s anything but big, but when he lacks in size he makes up for in quickness, speed, and fancy footwork. Mensah is responsible for the lone first half touchdown with a 22 yard run.

No Pahinui? No problem. Austin Bates has elevated his game and is filling in at Jevin’s DE position perfectly. The defensive line, Kaleb Davis in particular along with James Poellinger. The secondary still remains a point of concern but they are limiting whatever damage the Warriors are able to slip in.

A late second quarter touchdown may be the dagger that does the Hawks in if morale drops too low to recover.