Meadowdale High School junior dies after collapsing in PE class

By Nick Fiorillo, Editor-in-Chief

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A Meadowdale High School junior died earlier this morning after collapsing in a PE class.

Matthew Truax was in his third period class when he collapsed and was unable to be revived by MHS staff, paramedics and hospital staff, according to MHS administrators.

In a letter sent to MHS parents from MHS Principal Kevin Allen, Truax’s family gave permission to release the information of his death.

In the letter, Allen said, “Those who knew Matthew knew him as a respectful, hard-working young man who was serious about his education; an all-around nice kid who we will miss.”

The email also stated that the Truax family requested time to grieve privately.

Allen told parents in the email that resources would be provided to help students cope with grief over the Truax’s death.

“Our counselors, as well as counselors from across the Edmonds School District, will be available to our students throughout Monday, and longer if necessary in both classrooms as well as small groups,” according to the email.