Ex-student accused of cyberstalking teacher

By Nick Fiorillo

According to an article in the Everett Herald, an ex-student allegedly sent dirty messages and cyberstalked a teacher at MTHS. The student now faces a possible misdemeanor charge of cyberstalking.

The article reported that the teacher received five messages containing sexually explicit language on May 1.

The article cited Mountlake Terrace Police Dept. (MTPD) Commander Doug Hansen, who said MTPD forwarded the investigation to juvenile prosecutors in late Aug.

DJ Jakala, spokeswoman for the Edmonds School District, reportedly told the Herald that the boy was “emergency expelled before the start of the [2013-2014] school year.”

In the search warrant obtained by the Herald, the teacher was, “Shocked and alarmed by these unsolicited emails,” and feared for her safety. The student allegedly created fake accounts to send the messages to the MTHS teacher.

The Herald reports that the student also allegedly used social media, including Google+ invites, to send the teacher more messages.

The article said that when police confronted the student on June 20, he reportedly said that he had heard of the alias that was being used in the messages, and told police that the alias also had bothered a female friend of his at MTHS.

The young woman the boy mentioned, according to the article, told police she was not friends with the boy but had received a creepy text from him before.

Principal Greg Schwab declined the Hawkeye’s request to give further details under a request of anonymity from the teacher and because the student was a minor.

Schwab said the student would be a junior this year. The Herald reported that the student was 15 at the time and had no criminal record.

The Herald did not name the suspect because he is a minor and hasn’t been charged with a crime. It is the Hawkeye’s policy to do the same.

HeraldNet: Ex-student accused of sending dirty emails to teacher