LIVE Hawks vs. Stanwood Spartans

By Austin McDermott

Game time is set for 5 PM here at Edmonds Stadium where the Hawks will face off against the Stanwood Spartans.

Hawks begin 1st and 10 from own 17 to start the season.

Ragsdale runs the ball about 13 yards

Hawks open the season with 4 straight run plays, ball on their own 40.

With 9:31 remaining in the first quarter, Justin Hopkins fumbles on a big hit at the Hawks 40 yard line. Stanwood ball.

Jevin Pahinui forces a fumble and Hawks get the ball back, 1st and 10 at their own 41. 8:48 remaining in the first.

The Hawks go 3 and out after the fumble recovery. Hopkins did not play in the drive, appears to have a minor injury.

7:17, 1st quarter Jonathon Williams being looked at by Hawks’ trainer.

Stanwood timeout, 7:12 to play in the first.

Stanwood with another timeout, 7:04 to play in the first. Their second time out.

Toby Munnis intercepts a Stanwood pass attempt and returns the ball for 11 yds, Hawks Ball on the Spartans 45 yard line. 5:40 to go in the first.

Lacasse stopped on the 4th down attempt, Stanwood ball on their own 36 yard line. 4:00 to play in the first.

Touchdown Spartans, 30 yard pass to Laurence Wanambisi. PAT is good, Spartans lead 7-0 with 1:58 to play in the first.

End of the first quarter, Hawks trail the Spartans 0-7. Hawks have the ball on their own 32 yard line.

Laurence Wanambisi with his second touchdown of the game on a 40 yard pass from quarterback Kole Johnson, PAT is no good, Spartans lead 13-0 with 11:34 to play in the first half.

Justin Hopkins returns with a bit of a limp, 11:18 left to play.

Austin Bates with a BIG interception, Hawks ball on the Spartans 36 yard line. 8:14 to play

Eni Klosi puts the Hawks on the board with a 35 yard run for a touchdown. PAT is no good. 7:33 to play, Spartans lead 13-6

Fumble recovered by the Hawks, ball on the Spartans’ 36 yard line. 6:40 to play in the half.

Bates with a reception, but is stripped by Stanwood. Spartans ball on their own 29 yard line, 5:38 to play in the half.

Wanambisi with another big reception, Spartans ball on the Hawks 10 yard line. 1st and goal for Stanwood, 1:37 left in the half.

Spartans recover their own fumble for a touchdown, 1:26 to go until the half. 20-6 Spartans lead.

At the half, the Spartans lead 20-6 over the Hawks.

Start of the second half, Spartans ball on their own 20.

HUGE gain by the Spartans, a 72 yard reception before being stopped by Lacasse.

Spartans showing some struggles after a huge gain, two false starts and a big stop by Brett Potter and Caleb Davis. Ball on the Hawks 12 yard line, 2nd down. the reception got them to the Hawks’ 4 yard line.

The Hawks making a strong defensive showing after a huge Stanwood reception, Spartans field goal attempt is GOOD, Hawks trail Spartans 6-23. 8:44 to play in the 3rd.

Some nice moves by Lacasse for a huge gain, pushes the ball to the Spartans 18 yard line.

TOUCHDOWN Hawks. Hopkins 4 yard pass to Lacasse for a touchdown. PAT is GOOD, Hawks trail 13-23 with 6:36 left in the 3rd.

Stanwood showing some confusion tonight, using a lot of timeouts early.

And Stanwood calls their second timeout of the half, immediately after calling their first, not even a play between time outs.

A poor decision by Hopkins ends in an interception for Stanwood. Spartans ball on the Hawks 44 yard line, Hopkins tried to force a pass between 4 Stanwood defenders. Block in the back against Stanwood takes it back to their own 35 yard line. 1st and 10, Spartans ball, 4:52 left in the 3rd

Stanwood recovers their own fumble in one of the sloppiest all around plays you will see this year, several players kept pouncing on the ball, pushing it down to the Hawks 27 yard line. Stanwood ball with 2:00 left in the 3rd.

End of the 3rd, Hawks trail 13-23 to the Spartans. Spartans ball on inches from the endzone.

Collin hood opens up the 3rd quarter with a touchdown for the Spartans. PAT is NO GOOD. Hawks trail 13-29 with 11:57 to play.

Eni Klosi is down on the field for the Hawks. After being upended he attempted to walk off on his own power and collapsed back on the field. He is helped off by the Hawks’ trainer. 7:44 to go in the game, 13-29 Spartans.

FINAL: Stanwood 29, Mountlake Terrace 13.