Humanities Film Festival 2013


By Luke Luttrell

A cautionary tale about partying and a quirky slasher flick took home the top prizes at the annual humanities film festival held during 5th and 6th periods on Monday, June 3 in the theater.

There were many entries from all levels of classes to make this year’s competition successful. Films were shown from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes.

The sophomore class winning entry was “Lord of the Pencils” – a spoof of Humanities teacher Chris Ellinger who one would have to know in order to truly appreciate the comedy.

The junior class winning entry was “The Directioner Dad” – a comedy about how fathers are the last to understand what’s going on. When this father finally does understand, the plot changes.

The winner for the senior class was “Influenced” – a fantastic production with a theme of partying and responsibility and results or consequences. “Influenced” not only was named the top senior class film, but also received the people’s choice award.

The winner of the open category was “The Killer 2,” the sequel to “The Killer,” which was the 2010 freshman category winner. “The Killer 2” was a suspenseful film that also included strong elements of comedy. It featured a large cast of several teachers and students. The film took several months of thought and several hours of film editing by junior TK Johnson, the CEO of TKO Productions.

“I was proud of the final cut of our film. It took 12 rough cuts to get there, but we did,” Johnson said. “Ever since freshman year when ‘The Killer’ won, I wanted to win the people’s choice. You guys (the cast & crew) made it possible for me to do that. My entire cast was outstanding, I couldn’t ask for better.”

Asked whether there will be another “Killer” movie in the future, Johnson said, “Yes. ‘The Killer 3’ will be in next year’s festival and (TKO Productions) have already started working on ideas and scripts.”


If you would like to check out “The Killer 2” or any of the other TKO Productions, check his channel at You can also like the official Facebook page at, and follow the Twitter feed to stay up to date @TheOfficialTKO.