Williams was investigated over sexual comments

By Will Khadivi

According to an article on the front page of Sunday’s Daily Herald, it is now known that former student behavior coordinator and coach for numerous sports, Anthony Williams resigned over the fallout over an investigation about inappropriate comments he made to students and staff members.

Anthony Williams Former Behavior Coordinator
Anthony Williams
Former MTHS Behavior Coordinator

The article states that several teachers, students, and other staff members complained about comments from Williams.

According to The Herald, an investigation by Edmonds School District officials revealed that Williams had omitted working at neighboring Northshore School District when applying for his job at Edmonds in 2009.

The article states that Williams resigned his position as an aide and coach at Northshore in 2008 under similar circumstances. An investigation revealed that he had inappropriate conversations with students including asking a student on a date and calling other students “hot.” According to the report, he also asked some students if they were virgins.

Williams denied any wrongdoing to school officials but admitted to some of what he was accused of, according to The Herald.

Williams resigned on Jan. 28 after being placed on leave from the Edmonds School District in December. According to the article, the district had already decided to fire Williams after the investigation.

HeraldNet: Coach was in trouble over sexual comments