Annual ASB budget features more cuts

By Nick Fiorillo

ASB officers held their annual budget meeting on May 8 to vote on the proposed budget for the 2013-2014 school year.

The relatively short half hour meeting consisted of Big 6, Class ASB, and representatives of activities, sports and clubs at MTHS.

A common theme was present at the meeting: cuts. Many clubs, sports and activities saw cuts as much as 50 percent to their requested amount.

Most sports teams were cut from $1,000 to $500.

The cuts come from a nearly $10,000 budget shortfall in ASB’s budget for the next school year.

Part of the reason ASB has such a lack of funds is due to two main fund-raisers that ASB depends upon.

Funds from the parking permit sale, which formerly generated funds for ASB, is no longer able to go to ASB due to a new state law. Also, funds from the vending machine are significantly less, resulting in fewer funds for ASB. The student council unanimously approved the budget and announced plans to increase fund-raising to try to compensate with the budget shortcomings.