Prom thoughts

Prom thoughts

By AnhViet Nguyen

Hi, I’m AnhViet Nguyen, also known as AV in the newsroom.

Pretty. Smart. Funny. Isn’t that what every guy wants in a prom date? Look, it’s not an easy task finding the right person to ask but I think I’ve found her.

In each issue last year, I wrote a column in the opinion section reserved for ASB news and announcements. Sometimes, I would write them at the last minute because I procrastinated.  Other times, though, I would write them days ahead of deadline and intentionally waited until the last possible minute before deadline to send them to the editor.

And she still managed to put up with my tendency to be a “slacker” at times. Probably because of her “skills, style, sweetness, and smiles”.

While I know she’s really looking forward to this San Francisco trip, everybody deserves a good start to their morning. Reading this column, especially before 7 a.m., is a great start. Furthermore, today could be even better.

I know I’m far short of the word limit you expect for a column (what is it… 300? 500?) but you also have a flight to catch.

Before you head off to San Francisco, I have to ask a question:

Joy, will you go to prom with me?


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