New state assessment tests to be piloted in April

By Alyssa Vallester

Commencing next year are the Common Course Standards for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies classes.

“They are basically a common set of standards that teachers will use in those classes to make sure that their students are getting a really good foundation and the ability to read, write, and think. The goal is to create consistent learning opportunities for students using the common set of standards that all the teachers are using,” Principal Greg Schwab said.

Along with the common course standards for next year, there will be some new tests that are coming this year. In April to be exact, the Smarter Balanced Assessment would be in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Two tests are being piloted in April: Language arts for ninth grade, and Math for 11th grade.

“Within the state, we’ll use that data to decide how to adjust the test, make sure we’re testing for the right things,” Schwab said, “It’s a pretty big change in how we do things,” he added.

Students, without needing paper, would take both tests online.

“Its going to require teachers to work together more than they already do and make sure we’re all teaching to the same standards, which is a good thing, and it’s going to help us to be better aligned with our curriculum and to make sure our students are getting the best possible education,” Schwab said. 

Note from Principal Schwab about the state testing on April 9.



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