5th Ave. Theatre recognize MTHS students


By Erick Yanzon

A message of recognition from drama teacher Jeannie Brzovic:

Jocelyn Leggett, Kathryn Severson and Alexander Croce are representing Mountlake Terrace High School in an amazing way! They will be behind the scenes making the magic happen at The 5th Ave Theatre – Music Man Project.

Jocelyn Leggett will be literally running the show as the Stage Manager! The 5th Ave Theatre created this unique opportunity for high school students to work in a real world professional theatre Using the beautiful sets and costumes of the professional production, The Rising Star Project: The Music Man will be entirely student-performed and will be run by a student technical crew under the mentorship and close guidance of theater professionals.

Through this project, a collective of students with diverse interests will meet and work together with the singular goal of creating a musical for the historic 5th Avenue stage. Students will be immersed in authentic experiences and will gain an appreciation for collaboration as well as real skills used in the professional world.

Jocelyn Leggett was selected to be the stage manager, which is the most responsible technical theatre crew position, after her experience with MTHS and participation in the 5th Ave Rising Star project she has decided that this is her future and will study to become a professional Stage Manager.