Students vote in ASB elections, elect leaders

By Amanda Holthusen

ASB elections featured tough competition this year.

Next year’s Big 6 will consist of  President-elect junior Lilianne Nguyen, Vice President-elect junior Sydney White, Secretary-elect freshman Liya Ewing, Treasurer-elect junior Aysha Raza, Public Relations officer-elect sophomore Aaron Castleton and Historian-elect junior Peter Kidane.

This year’s candidates were Lilianne Nguyen and Will Khadivi for President, Sydney White and Yoel Tekle for Vice President. For Secretary, the candidates were Liya Ewing, Jack Pearce and Gabby Atherley, and for Treasurer were Aysha Raza and Bryce Pingul. For Public Relations the two candidates were Aaron Castleton and Erick Yanzon. The candidates for Historian were Madison Haney, Peter Kidane and Nico Malig.

The candidate interviews were aired on the Hawk Broadcast Network on March 6 during PASS, where each candidate for Big 6 had the chance to persuade the student body to vote for them. Each candidate was asked three questions.

On March 11, there was a runoff election for Secretary and Historian during lunch.

Last year’s Big 6 election had five positions that were uncontested, with only the historian position being contested.