Removal of vending machines could affect student health and ASB funds

By Brie Benvenuti

Students depend on the school for many things. With the upperclassmen busy with Advanced Placement exams and time consuming classes, and the underclassmen focused on getting the last 10 minutes of sleep in the morning, there isn’t always time to do everything.

That includes packing a lunch or eating a breakfast.

The vending machines are a main source of food for staff and students, but there is a possibility that the food in the vending machines, which currently contain a variety of foods ranging from Skittles to Doritos, will be replaced by healthier options.

Currently, a portion of vending machine sales goes to ASB to fund school athletics and activities. However, with the removal of sweets and salts, some school officials predict a significant amount of funds to follow.

“If the FDA has its way, our district vending machine ratio will be changed next year to 100 percent healthy,” activities and athletics director Kim Stewart said.

If the vending machine choices change, there will be consequences.

“The ASB will get less than they get now. In fact, the whole school would be severely affected. We would have to reconsider everything. Fundraisers would be especially hard since we often use sweets to get money,” Stewart said.

Sophomore Rachell Gasseling said, “I don’t think it is a good idea for the school’s income to change, and it will affect the ASB in a major way. But it is a good thing for people’s health. A lot of people want junk food over healthy, though.”

Stewart said, “People don’t understand that the local stores love it when less is put in the vending machines. That means more money for them. I think it is ironic that we let a kid walk in the school doors with an energy drink, but they won’t let us sell it.”