November Students of the Month

November Students of the month

November Students of the month

By Erick Yanzon

Student Name: Erin Keating

Mother’s Name: Christine Keating

Father’s Name: Shawn Keating

GPA: 3.45

Clubs & Activities: Hawk Broadcast Network, Chamber Winds

ASB:  ASB Secretary

Athletics: Soccer

Honors: AP Literature and Composition, AP Government

Community Service: Ginger’s Pet Rescue, Food Lifeline

Culminating Project: Magnuson Park Native Plot

Future Educational Goals: Four-year University at either Washington State, Oregon State, or Humboldt State

Future Career Goals: Research Zoologist or Wildlife Ecologist


Student Name:  Bailey Bame

Mother’s Name: Daedre Bame

Father’s Name: Christian Delaney

GPA: 3.05

Clubs & Activities: MTHS Mascot, Herky

ASB: Senior Class Representative

Honors: Senior 2nd Homecoming Prince

Awards: October Student of the Month (Rotary Club)

Culminating Project: Teaching younger kids about building their self confidence

Future Educational Goals: Art and Music

Future Career Goals:  Artist, Musician, Actor

Anything else we should know? “He pretty much oozes school spirit” -TerraceNice on Twitter