Greg Schwab November 2012 Opinion Column

By Denait Medhane

As we wrap up the Fall Sports season, I want to congratulate all of our student-athletes who competed and represented our school so well during the first athletic season of the year.

Football had an incredible run, making it to the playoffs for just the second time in our school’s 52-year history. That’s quite an amazing accomplishment.

Cross Country runners Jack Pearce and Ella Schroth competed at the State Meet in Pasco.

Swimmer Riley Morgan qualified for the State Meet this coming weekend.

Women’s Tennis, Women’s Soccer and Volleyball all had very competitive seasons this year as well.

In addition to all of our student-athletes, we also have had great performances by our student musicians and actor with a recent jazz concert and Improv Night.

There are many great performances coming up in the next few weeks and I encourage you to support your fellow students by going to see a play or concert.

With all of this going on, it got me to thinking about how important it is to your school experience to get involved.

So many times, students go through their four years of high school and never take the time to find that thing they are passionate about. True, the reason we are all here is to get an education, graduate from high school in four years and go on to the next adventures that await us all outside of the walls of MTHS.

But, while you are here, I think it is really important to make your time memorable.

We have so many things to do here and so many ways that you can get involved. We have more than 40 student clubs with a variety of interests — Hip Hop, Ecology, Technology, Rocketry, GSA, Anime — I could go on with others, but the point is we have something that will probably be of interest to you.

In addition to clubs, there are the athletic programs we offer each season. Then there are the opportunities to be involved in performing arts. Plays are open to students who want to audition. We have talent shows and Terrace Idol.

Interested in learning to play an instrument? We have a guitar class that is open to any student who wants to take it.

Get involved.

Find something that interests you and get into it.

You have the power to make your four years here something that you will look back on with great memories, but you have to take that first step and get connected.