ESD receives Hazel Miller Foundation grant

By Daniil Oliferovskiy

The Edmonds School District has received many generous donations and ample amounts of funding and was granted $68,150 from the Hazel Miller Foundation that will fund three different district programs.

Edmonds-Woodway, Lynnwood, Meadowdale, and Mountlake Terrace high schools have received financing to afford certified staff members, who are responsible for tutoring students in need; the library is now open for an extra hour each day; an activities bus now runs five times a week; and an academic coach will be provided to help struggling students.

Principal Greg Schwab said, “We talk all the time about ways to support students who struggle in school and the one barrier that keeps coming up is resources.  We now have a pool of resources that can be used to work with these students who need more time and attention to help them be more successful.”

As well as extra tutoring, the district will select 15 to 20 freshmen with the biggest achievement gap and aid them throughout their high school career and ensure that they perform well academically.

The Hazel Miller Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports programs to aid welfare within South Snohomish County and the Edmonds School District. The foundation focuses on improving education, youth services, poverty alleviation, the environment, and culture and art.

Junior Jayme Nguyen seemed keen on the new program and the additional transportation and she said, “I know that a lot of students need more help than they’re getting, and sometimes they don’t stay after school because they have no way of getting home.”

In a time of financial struggles, MTHS is fortunate to receive money in an ever declining state of educational support.

Assistant Principal Peter Schurke stated, “I would like to see the results so great that people decide to give more money to do more things.”

The district would need to reapply the following year for the funding to continue.