Vending machines get makeover

By AnhViet Nguyen

Need a snack or a drink? There are new vending machines in the school with a wider variety of choices. MTHS chose Advantage Vending and Distribution (Ferndale, Wash.) to run the machines after the district provided a list of potential vending companies. The machines come loaded with the usual snacks, water, juice, soda and Gatorade. However, milk, Naked fruit smoothies, Starbucks drinks and other new products are now available. So far, the new machines have generated a positive response from students.

Senior Peyton Morrison said, “I like that there will be more of a variety, even if it’s a little pricier, it’s nice to see more choices to pick from.”

While the new options are appealing, prices will also see a slight increase. Many of the snacks will cost $1.25, an increase from $1 in previous years. Bottled water will now cost $1.75. Although these goodies will be costlier, the machines are aesthetically nicer and the days of students screaming “The vending machine stole my money!” are in the past.