First play of the season will go straight to the ‘Heart’


Daniil Oliferovskiy | Hawkeye

By Shannon Beaumont

To kick off the new school year, the Drama Department is immediately beginning rehearsals for the first production of the year, “A Piece of My Heart,” by Shirley Lauro and directed by drama instructor Jeannie Brzovic.
“A Piece of my Heart” earned Lauro three awards including The Kittredge Foundation Award, The Susan Blackburn Prize, and The Barbara Deming Prize for Women Play rights.

Daniil Oliferovskiy | Hawkeye

The production of “A Piece of my Heart” shows the true hard lives of six women who go to Vietnam, having to pull strong through a war that was forced upon them. Three of these women are nurses, one is an intelligence worker, another is a Red Cross worker, and the last is a USO entertainer.
“A Piece of my Heart” presents why each woman decides to go to Vietnam and are thoroughly surprised when they are thrown into war.
This fantastic play reveals how each woman reacts to the war, how they cope with what is happening around them, and how they make decisions.
The production follows the six women before they go into war, during their time at war, and the aftermath of the war, observing how the traumatizing experience affected the women.
All around the world, “A Piece of my Heart” has earned magnificent reviews, describing how touching the play is as it shows what women suffer through during the hard times of war.
Over the summer, the roles for the play had been assigned to eleven students; Jocelyn Leggett as Martha; Serena Hohenstein as MaryJo; Emily Davidson as Sissy; Alana Erkan as Whitney; Danielle Hirano as LeeAnn; and Elbethel Abebe as Steele.
Calvin Martin, Jacob Pratt, Evan Roberts, Myles Stillwaugh, and Matt Sythandone will be taking the roles of officers, soldiers, and other side characters that come along.