Homecoming Court 2012

By Erick Yanzon

The 2012 Homecoming Court was announced last Wednesday night.

Freshmen candidates are Eve Largent, Gabrielle Martinez, Liya Ewing for the princess, and Clark Daquil, Gene An, Miles Allen for the prince.

For the sophomore class are Ali Hitchcock, Allison Lorraine, Laura Clinch, Gabe Fritz, Nick Fiorillo, and Ryan LaCasse

Class of 2014 homecoming court nominees are Brittany Kinsella, Joy Gardner, and Sarah Smith as princesses, and Greg Bowman, Jack Pearce, and Wyatt Allemann as princes.

The senior homecoming king and queen nominees are:

Abby McDermott
Amanda Schnee
Erin Russell
Grace Gil
Sarah Pung
Taylor Arbuckle

Aidan Murray
AnhViet Nguyen
Bailey Bame
Blake Fernandez
Lucas Pope
Tye Esparza