Bands battle it out for the title


By Nick Fiorillo

The MTHS theatre was turned into a multi-genre music festival on April 28 when the inaugural Battle of the Bands competition happened.

Eight musical acts in total performed in the competition, which was put on by HBN. The competition was divided into two categories: bands and acoustics. The music styles ranged anywhere from metal to acoustic folk rock.

The bands fighting for the title of best band were Beyond the Oath, That One Band, Point 31, Maximum Occupency and Evocator.

The three acoustic acts were Fitty Dolla Pineapple, Jenna Berndt and Harrison Mains.

After all the music acts performed, they had to wait patiently, with nerves high while the votes were being counted.

Harrison Mains took first place for acoustic performance. His unique style won over the crowd. Mains enjoyed “bringing home a trophy.”

The metal band Evocator took first in the band category. The band is composed of drummer Nolan Head, guitarist Ethan Hiat, bassist Chandler Holbrook, and vocalist and lead guitarist Erick  Goin.

“We’re all so excited because we didn’t expect to win. All those bands were awesome,”  Goin said. The band was ecstatic after they were declared the winners.

“We’re actually feeling great. We’re going to start writing new music now,” Goin said.