Plan now to do well in school, life

By Desmond Saisitthidej

Good study habits are the most effective way to absorb materials and do better on tests. Most high school students have a distracting work space when they study.

There are other people in the house, music, the internet, television, cell phones, and many other things that can easily break ones concentration while trying to study.

Many procrastinate, putting this important aspect of school off until the very last minute, resulting in stressful late night study sessions. There are many things a student can do to best understand the material they are learning or reviewing.

However, none of the above are very effective at all. The brain processes things best if it has enough time.

This means not only should a person give themselves plenty of time to complete what they need to for school, but also should take the right amount of study breaks.

For every half of hour of studying that goes on, a ten minute break should take place. This way the brain has time to absorb things in smaller pieces, instead of all the information that has been obtained at once.

As a result, it is easier to remember details instead of just the basic concepts from the learning.  Another way to best remember material is to, once done working, simply review everything that has just been studied.

This will help the memory to store information.  It has been rumored ‘cramming’ is an effective way to do well on tests because if all the knowledge has just been stored, it can be remembered for the test.

According to, after quickly learning information you loose 80 percent of it with in 24 hours. Repetition is a great way to help remember information. Making flashcards or going over notes is a great way to study.

This information is false. It may work in some cases, but even if it does the information is most likely to be lost short after the test.

The workspace should be organized and quiet. Working in a busy area of the household is very distracting. Having the computer on (for purposes other than obtaining information) and cell phone out are never a good idea.

It’s harder for the brain to understand the material if it is constantly being distracted with text messages and social networking notifications. The easiest way to not let these things be methods of distraction is to keep them as far away as possible while working.

Although it may seem that good habits like these are hard to get into, once they are formed, they make homework, studying, and testing easier than it ever has been before.