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Tolo – just another chance for inappropriate outbursts

Tolo is meant to be a time for the girls to come up with a creative way to ask the boys at their school to the “Sadie Hawkin’s Dance.” We’ve all seen some of the creative ways that girls ask guys to Tolo around the school such as colorful posters or balloons that spell out “Tolo.” It is a time when the sexes switch roles: instead of the boys paying, the girls buy the tickets and treat them to a good night filled with food, fun and dancing.

We all know that recently at our dances, both sexes grind on the dance floor while the staff and chaperones watch, but say nothing to the offenders. It can be a very inappropriate situation for everyone, so why is it that the ASB proceed to plan dances for us students to attend? Obviously, it’s to raise money for funding purposes, but can’t they find any other way to raise the money appropriately? More people attend the Homecoming dances than the Spring Fling or Tolo, meaning that more money is made during the Homecoming dance. Yes, Spring Fling and Tolo are a fun time, but we all agree that this is yet another opportunity for the students at this school to behave inappropriately without any consequences.


Love shouldn’t be saved just for a single “holiday”

Though not an official holiday, Valentine’s Day is accepted by many as a time to show affection to others. You have the cute cards, chocolates, and flowers. For some, love is important and deserves a special day. Some feel it can be an excuse to splurge on a fancy dinner. People who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day often appreciate everyday acts of kindness rather than receiving expensive gifts once a year.

Rather than showing affection with gifts once a year, why not make an effort to show that you care with gestures every day?

On the other hand, people who celebrate Valentine’s Day believe that it is not just a commercial holiday; it is also about complementing each other, celebrating love, and an excuse to say “I love you.”

Sometimes little things count so much more in life, like receiving a homemade card, or a small box of your favorite chocolates. Valentine’s Day is just another day to show kind gestures to someone, and to celebrate love.