Dancing to the top

By Desmond Saisitthidej

On Feb. 11 the hip hop dance team will be competing in districts against 12 high schools, including: Shorecrest and Bishop Blanchet.

A very talented dancer, Javon Williams couldn’t take place as head coach, even as a senior student. Albee Abigania was brought in by Javon to be interviewed for the coach spot on the team; he quickly became a part of the family as a coach and instructor this school year.

According to two of the dancers, Julie Chhun and Opel Puratep, some of the reasons they joined hip hop are to become better dancers, relieve stress and most importantly, have fun.

“Getting there took a lot of practice and training. And since it’s a team sport we have to make sure that everybody is as good as one another,” Puratep said about what it took to get to district competitions. They are looking forward to districts to learn from other teams and be inspired. Also, to be able to see what they need to improve on and be aware of what the other teams are capable of.                                                                                                                                               The dance team started as a giant group of people that just wanted to dance but later some thought that it would be challenging, so only the most dedicated dancers remained.

“I had to overcome and pass through my insecurities of breaking out of my shell and dancing in front of large crowds, such as our school.” Julie says (similar to what the other dancers had to overcome.) It took a lot of practice and long hours after school to get the routines down. Now, all of their hard work pays off when they go to districts. They will be giving it their all, and would appreciate the support of the student body of MTHS.