Tech, capital levy on Feb. 14 ballot

By Hawkeye Staff

There will be proposition for a new levy to replace Resolution 11-36, Proposition No. 1. on Feb. 14. The new levy, if passed, will have equal rates to the current one.  This rate is 44 cents for every $1000 of home valuation. This means that for every $100,000 a home will have $44 of tax from this levy. With other taxes and bonds, this will have an Overall Estimated Tax Impact of $4.15 per $1000 that will increase to $5.48 per $1000 by 2016.

With this levy, an estimated $7.85 million will be collected to pay for new equipment, professional development, tools for organization support and infrastructure upgrades.

These technological upgrades will total $22 million. Facility upgrades will cost $9.5 million having a grand total of $31.5 million.

If approved, this levy will help to maintain and improve state assessment scores, as well as help graduation rates. With the current levy, the extended district graduation rate, those who graduate past their senior year, is at 94 percent, one of the highest percentages in the state. This is an increase from 80.5 percent in 2008, before the original levy was passed.