Multicultural Week Performance Interrupted

By Hawkeye Staff

During a Multicultural Week lunchtime performance on Jan. 10, the club Colores Unidos performed a series of Mexican and Latino dances including Cumbia, Banda, Bachacha and Macarena.

However, in the middle of second lunch at 11:41 a.m., freshman Joshua Wyant ran through the group of dancers shirtless. Alex Corona, a Colores Unidos member commented on the display and said it was disrespectful to the group.

Student behavior coordinator Anthony Williams, who also witnessed the spectacle, commented that it was obnoxious. “Those girls needed a lot of courage to do what they did,” Williams stated. “And [Joshua] needed a lot of courage to do what he did.”

After Wyant ran through the group, other students began to dance in more respectful manners with the performers, making things more interesting and fun for everybody. Even assistant principal Scott Morrison joined in and busted a few moves.

Wyant will not be given disciplinary action for his misconduct.