Get ‘Shook Up’ after break

By Shannon Beaumont

The musical “All Shook Up” has its opening night Jan. 18 and is playing through Jan. 21 for $9.
The cast has practiced hard on routine and getting their lines perfect, and have made “All Shook Up” a fantastic musical to see.
The musical takes place in the ’50s and is inspired by Elvis Presley’s music, including his own songs. Another inspiration was Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” taking after its interesting plot.
Chad, a guitar-playing roustabout who just got released from prison comes into town, electrifying all the local women and the mayor isn’t exactly pleased with him.
Nearby, a young mechanic, Natalie, dreams of love and exploring the world and runs into Chad who starts causing chaos in her town with dancing and singing, bringing the town to life.
Dennis, Chad’s “sidekick” follows after Chad’s actions all the while trying to bring himself to confess his love for Natalie.
The musical has been to 5th Avenue because of its unique story line, great songs, and incredible characters that make an overall amazing musical.
With the complex romantic quadrangles and upbeat music, the entertainment never ends.