Ahh…the good ol’ days

By Hawkeye Staff

Hello. I’m a senior, and I have my eighth semester coming up. My comrades and I in the Class of Ten feel strange right now. We’re listless, languished, lackadaisical, and languorous after three and a half years of Mountlake Terrace High School.
No doubt we have regrets and remorse. Maybe we should have done or not done this or that, but I’ll humbly say that we are the greatest graduating class in MTHS history, and we’re all going to be senators, CEOs, celebrities, and gods. No TPS reports for us!
But this transition is brutal. I long to return to my younger days spent in front of a television.
Did you ever watch “Rocket Power?” Otto, Twister, Reggie, and Squid tearing it up all over that town with the pier? And how their house was shaped like a boat? Awesome! Probably the only cartoon without a full set of parents… other than Buster’s dad from “Arthur.” Were they divorced, or was he just always flying planes? Interesting.
If you would like to see a dizzying, “Rocket Power-esque” array of athletic activities this spring, just go to a softball and baseball game, watch the golf team, or a girls tennis match. Or get your fix with just one track meet. The 110 meter hurdles are just as extreme as skateboarding, surfing, and vegemite.
The first game I ever played on my Xbox was “Jet Set Radio Future,” in which you control a teenage punk rollerblader graffiti artist in Tokyo in the future. You skate around, fighting the power and listening to DJ Professor K. It’s one of those games that you really can’t appreciate until you’re more secure and able to be impressed with its originality.
Other things that we are no longer too cool to do are puzzles and board games. Puzzle and Board Game Club meets some Thursdays in Room 205.
In 4th grade my late afternoons were occupied by “Dragonball Z” and “Zoids.” You might not recognize the latter, but it details the lives of teenagers with large, fighting animal-robots. However, I bet that many of you saw Goku and Frieza’s planet-smashing battle on Namek. Even though it took Goku about three episodes of yelling to power up to Super-Saiyan, it was worth the wait when his hair turned yellow and got even pointier.
Likewise, the Drama Department’s “Putnam County Spelling Bee” has been under construction for months, and will surely be worth the wait. Just as Goku had to be aware of that pink disc of death, you need to keep your head up the second week of March for the show.
Big ASB didn’t really do anything this month, so no staff members had an opportunity to help us out. But we know Mrs. Frost would have helped us if we asked, so she wins Most Hypothetically Helpful Staff Member to Big ASB for February.