Terrace in modified lockdown as an extra precautionary measure

By Terina Papatu, News Editor

This morning around 11 a.m., MTHS went into a modified lockdown. This lockdown wasn’t caused by any threat or intended threat to the school, but as an extra precautionary measure following a strange phone call. The MTHS office received a call from the parent of an eighth-grade student without identifying themself, asking if the student could come on campus. The caller was asked to hold for an administrator, but instead hung up without giving a callback number. An email was sent out to staff regarding the lockdown as well as the reason for proceeding with caution.

“On the heels of yesterday with a former student and a snake, and out of an abundance of caution, we have moved to a modified lockdown. This modified lockdown means that all exterior doors are locked, and our front and hub entrances are monitored,” the email said. 

During the lockdown which remained until the end of the school day, staff were advised to keep students inside the building, but classes could proceed as usual. The Mountlake Terrace police department and district security were notified and exterior doors were locked and monitored, though students were still allowed in and out.

“This is a modified lockdown, which is a lower level response. There is not a threat against the school or a threat to safety,” Schellenberg said.