Veteran’s Day around the corner

By Shannon Beaumont

There have already been three assemblies since the school year started: the Inspirational Speaker Assembly, the Fall Activities Assembly, and the Homecoming Assembly.
The Inspirational Speaker Assembly was to inspire students to “be the bigger elephant” and to prevent bullying.
The Fall Activities Assembly introduced the sports teams and helped kick off the year in activities, as well.
The Homecoming Assembly was about getting ready for the Homecoming Football Game and to end the Spirit Week with an hour and a half of spirit itself.
The next assembly is going to be the Veteran’s Day Assembly on Nov. 9.
There will be no school November 11, Veteran’s Day, so the assembly is being held earlier.
Veteran’s Day is a day dedicated to remembering the people who have served in the United States military.
The assembly will help remind everyone what the veterans have done for American citizens and the United States.
Sometimes students don’t pay attention to Veteran’s Day, so that is what the assembly about, to help everyone remember what soldiers have done for us.
The students organizing the assembly have been working hard putting together a multi-media presentation that will honor veterans in the community and on the MTHS staff.