Clubs grow in number and popularity

By Erick Yanzon

Research has shown that students who are involved in extracurricular activities do better in school than those who aren’t. The good news is that there are many different clubs and activities to join and participate at MTHS.
For athletics, the first day of winter sports starts on Nov. 14. This includes men’s and women’s basketball, men’s swimming, and wrestling. For guys who love to jump, block, and smash, Macho Volleyball starts on Nov. 8, and the district game is Nov. 10, with both events in the Terraceum.
Hip hop practice is every Wednesday and Thursday after school from 2 to 4 p.m. Dance and break to different types of music. These clubs perform at assemblies and also have competitions with other schools this year. For more information, ask a member or the captain, Javon Williams.
Those who bowl, the bowling club meets and plays every Wednesday at Lynnwood Lanes, and the bowling is free.
Another club is Anime Club, a place to watch cool videos, draw, and play different games. Meetings are after school at room 129 every Thursday with adviser Penny Lefavour.
If interested in programming, fabrication, designing and engineering, another club is the First Robotics Club. They meet after school in room 133L every Tuesday and Thursday. See Craig Devine or Dan Lafferty for more information.
Another fun club is the Hiking Club. If interested, see Gil Comeau or Ashley Black for details on their monthly trips and destinations.
A club that is perfect for those who love to help others is the Key Club. The Key club is currently collecting coins for UNICEF to help children with their education, health, and to give them safe and clean water. They are also writing letters to the soldiers overseas to show appreciation to the people who sacrifice for our country.
FCCLA or Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America is a national student organization that helps students build their leadership by developing the skills for life that are necessary at home and in the workplace. Students also have opportunity to earn local, state, and national recognition for their hard work. For more information, go to room 121 and talk to Jessica Walton or any of the FACSE department teachers.
TATU or Teens Against Tobacco Use is a program wherein students go to different elementary and middle schools throughout the district to tell them the danger in smoking, while Terrace U-Turn is an organization that helps adolescents be aware of alcohol and drug use. They teach how to use refusal skills, serve as great role models, and create self-awareness. Both clubs are advised by Sue VanSenus.
Those who have the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service or a GPA of 3.6 or higher may qualify for Honor Society, for it is open to students by invitation only. Sophomores, juniors and seniors may want to be thinking about working for scholarships. The Honor Society also does different volunteering activities. See Julie Petterson for more information.
To work toward a more accepting environment, talk about concerns about the bias and discrimination of the school community, and support the gay, straight, and bisexual community, GSA is the perfect club to join. Their advocacy is to teach people of how to treat others regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and they work together to make a difference. They meet every Tuesday in room 120 with Susan Lahti and Mary Kikikis.
Interested in exploring the Latino cultural heritage? Colores Unidos meets every Tuesday after school in room 115 for food, dance, and talk. Talk adviser Scott Morrison for more details.
Prayer Club is for those students who like to pray and get together. They meet every Wednesday from 6:40-7:10 a.m. before school in room 133.
All about business? DECA or Distributive Education Clubs of America, is a marketing club that prepares students in careers such as advertising, management, public speaking, entrepreneurship, travel, and tourism. This year, the club will have an Area Competition which will be held in January. They meet after school every Thursday in room 115 with Beth Gilbraith.
Hi-Q is for those students who love intellectual competition. Throughout the school year, they compete with schools from around the area in a “college bowl” type format. See Peter Breysse in room 113 for more information.
There are a lot more clubs and activities to get involved into MTHS. For more information, go to the ASB office and see adviser Kim “Stew” Stewart.
To be eligible for clubs, sports and activities, an ASB card is needed and an activity code must be submitted. In order to stay in the club, the student’s past semester needs to have had at least five classes and at least five classes passed, and the same for the semester that the student is participating in the club.