Next step of ‘All Shook Up’

By Shannon Beaumont

Tryouts for the musical “All Shook Up” took place Sept. 13 through Sept. 15. Sept. 13 and 14 were the singing auditions, and Sept. 15 was the dancing auditions.
There are 10 lead roles followed by 27 ensemble, bringing a total of 37 that had to be chosen from the nearly 60 who tried out.
The roles were announced Sept. 16 after school and the many students that tried out crowded around the theater to see if they got a role in the musical.
The lead role is Serena Hohenstein, a junior, who will play Natalie Baker, the character that is a girl pretending to be a boy.
Chad will be played by Seth Brocherdt, senior; Jim Haller will be played by Michael Londino, senior. Senaiet Zerom, sophomore, will play Sylvia; Marisa Correa, senior, will be playing Lorraine.
Dennis will be played by John Moore, junior; Miss Sandra will be played by Miranda Troutt, senior; Mayor Hyde will be played by Zannie Faherty, senior. Jordan McKinney, senior will play Dean Hyde, and Calvin Martin, sophomore, will play Sheriff Earl.
The musical will be playing after Winter Break in the new year starting Jan. 18 and will be going through Jan. 21.
The seniors who will be in their final musical while they’re in high school are Seth Brocherdt, Michael Londino, Marisa Correa, Miranda Troutt, Zannie Faherty, Jordan McKinney, Ethan Columbana, Devon Hickman, Jason Layne, Ivy Herold,  Kaitlyn Martin, Karin Redden, and Terrah Short.