Martin’s original song is on iTunes

By Shannon Beaumont

Three MTHS students in the past few years have had their work become widely known.
Ariana Deboo, a 2010 graduate, has been featured for two songs on iTunes. The first song is “Brand New Bike,” the other is “Swisher Sweet Dreams.”
Then for his Senior Project, Nick Terry made a mockumentary called “Prom Night” that is loved by MTHS, and he’s working on another movie.
In April 2011, another of the school’s students, Kaitlyn Martin, a senior this year, had an original song available on iTunes, and it has filled the entire popularity bar only a few months after it was released.
“Hey You” by Kaitlyn Martin is a song that Kaitlyn took only a week for her to write the music herself after teaching herself to play the guitar.
This original song was professionally recorded because of a family friend that wanted to help Kaitlyn get a song onto iTunes.
The recording took two full days, the first was playing around with background instruments to find any other instruments to play with the song to make it sound even better.
The second day was actually recording the guitar and vocals, putting the song together. “It was an exciting experience,” Kaitlyn says.
The recorders told Kaitlyn that it could take up to two weeks before her song was officially online, and when the end of two weeks was approaching, Kaitlyn started getting worried something had gone wrong with the song.
But then, an MTHS alumni, Shelby Windom, sent a text message to Kaitlyn, telling her she bought her song off iTunes and that she loved the song.
Kaitlyn told this to her family and her uncle immediately bought the song and played it through his outdoor speakers. “I was so overwhelmed and happy at that moment,” she said.
“When I was writing this song, I never imagined that it would end up on iTunes. It was a great experience seeing the song evolve from an experience my friend had, to a professionally recorded song,” Kaitlyn explains.
Kaitlyn’s musical career started on YouTube when she started posting videos of her singing either covers of songs, or her own original songs, and now she has her very own single on iTunes that has become famous around MTHS.
Every time Kaitlyn plays the song herself, she visualizes what the song is saying and woks hard to get the lyrics right.
But when Kaitlyn hears her own professionally recorded song, she has to remind herself that she wrote this song, that it is all hers.
“I know I still have a long way to go before I’m touring and playing my music, a long way to go, but it’s a step in the right direction. A step that I didn’t think was possible until that moment,” Kaitlyn says.
As of right now, Kaitlyn has made seventeen original songs, although only fifteen are on YouTube, and is making a few at the moment.
Even after those are finished, there will be many more on the way for the album Kaitlyn wants to have made.
Kaitlyn’s next step is an Official Music Video for “Hey You”, but a good friend of hers, Nick Terry has already made a music video for her song about a month ago.
Not only has Kaitlyn had a song professionally recorded, but also during the school’s Talent Show, Kaitlyn got second place singing another of her many original songs, “Among The Stars.”
Then when the three winners each of the few other schools came to Mountlake Terrace to compete with the three winners at Terrace, Kaitlyn again got second place.
Singing isn’t the only thing Kaitlyn does, though. She has also been in many plays and musicals throughout her years at Mountlake Terrace.
A musical she was in last year, Quilters, with Zannie Faherty, Karin Redden, Amanda Steuart, Miranda Troutt, Jessica Weight, and Shelby Windom was of living life on the Prairie. The musical even won Best Musical Direction.
Kaitlyn’s work on the stage doesn’t end there, though.
This year, Kaitlyn is in her second year of Theatre Sports, the school’s very own Improvisation Team.
This year, the team is Ivy Herold, Calvin Martin, Kaitlyn Martin, Jordan McKinney, Amanda O’Hara, Karin Redden, Evan Roberts, Kayla Steuart, Miranda Troutt, and Monika Young.