Fall fashion trends follow with the change in season

By Denise Muńoz and Sloane Andrich

Fashion has always been an interest to both of us because of the deep connections it has. It has the power to transform and influence lives. Since we all need to wear clothes, and each item we purchase is a reflection of our individual preferences, fashion is inherently human and thus societal. Whether you spend an hour each day perfecting your outfit or just throw on whatever’s most comfortable, everyone is affected by fashion. 

Did you know that the time of year will change the way you dress up for each season? Seasons of living change in the same way, along with the winds, rainfall and extra hours of sunlight. Your wardrobe must adapt to the changing climate, and every new season ushers in a fresh sense of style and fashion. Trends and colors are introduced. Your clothing feels like it needs a makeover at the end of the previous season. The change through one season to the next always profoundly affects our thoughts and emotions. In response to the onset of new seasons, we constantly alter our behavior. 

Creators from everywhere in the world produce clothing for the four major seasons using a variety of styles and materials. When the winter months arrive, retailers frequently change their strategies and stock their shelves with jackets and sweaters. The impact of the seasons on our mood has been the subject of numerous studies. Studies have revealed that the brain is most active in the summer and, unexpectedly, least active in the winter. But what does this reveal about luxury consumption outside of the fashion sector? 

We spend more money during the summer than we do during the colder months of the year because we are often in a better mood and are more sociable. The summer season, then, leads to an increase in demand for numerous products, including apparel. Fashion displays like London Fashion Week are only one example of events and shows that are only available during specific seasons of the year to show off these changing trends. Seasonal changes have an impact on our spending patterns as well.

Of course, the changing of the seasons has an impact on our entire society in addition to our mindset and clothing selections. As we approach fall you will see a trend of boots, coats, and “fall colors.” The color trends for fall 2022 will be royal purple, jewel-tone teal and burning red, reflecting the colors of the world around us. One thing for sure is that everyone will need a coat! With autumn starting in Washington, the warm sun will appear less and less and gray rain clouds will take its place.

© HAWKEYE Rodney Budden

 In our three years of high school, we never noticed anyone doing a fashion club or fashion writing, and we want to change that. We know many high schoolers express themselves through fashion and we want an area in school where people can confidently be expressive. Last school year, there was a trend among students of different student-created MTHS Instagram accounts frequently popping up, one of which included pictures of students strutting their best attire and being at ease in their own image. By enabling the community to take part in activities and their passions, we hope to build on this concept and broaden it. Along with writing about different fashion trends and topics, we are also going to start a fashion club. In it, we’ll do fashion-related activities such as making cheaper alternatives to looks from celebrities, taking tips from fashion influencers and much more to come. We are looking forward to the opportunity that the Hawkeye as well as FCCLA has given us to help encourage students’  interests in fashion.

We hope with this new fashion club, you can find a place within our community.