Audtions for unique musical ‘All Shook Up’

By Shannon Beaumont

Drama teacher Jeannie Brzovic along with the choir teacher TJ Sullivan have already gone out of their way to pick out a musical of all Elvis Presley songs that have been set up to fit with Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” that will be showing January 18 through January 21 called “All Shook Up.”
The musical is of a girl that falls in love with a boy and attempts to get closer to him by dressing as a guy and pretending to be one, but the boy is already in love with another girl and wants the other “guy” to talk to the girl for him that he had fallen in love with. “It’s all very complicated,” Brzovic explains.
The auditions for singing, whether it is for a starring role or a small role, will be held Tuesday the 13 and Wednesday the 14 of September.
A song will have been assigned for those who want a starring role, and a song for those who want a small role and they must sing the song of their choice in the audition.
The auditions for dancing will be Thursday, Sept. 15. In order to be in the musical, a student must show up to both auditions.
“What do we look for most? Really enthusiastic personality. Someone who really just wants to come in and learn and be a part of the musical. Hard work. People who are going to work really hard, learn their music, learn their lines, learn their choreography on their own time,” says Brzovic. “And, of course, people who can sing and dance well.”
Brzovic and Sullivan also said, though, that if an actor or actress has a great personality for a part, but aren’t very good at singing and or dancing, the teachers will be able to teach them to sing and dance better.
The musical may have many months until it premieres, but it will be worth the wait and will be an incredible music that will be loved.