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Everyone gets stressed

By Karen Kaller

Hawkeye staff

Stress is something everyone goes through in life, whether you are an adult or a teen. Adults usually face stress because of work and/or other personal affairs like relationships.

Teens on the other hand face stress due to school, relationships, feeling lonely, drugs, and many other reasons. Many do not realize that teens are very vulnerable people who are young mentally and emotionally and sometimes do not know how to cope with stress well.

Stress from school is something many can relate too because many have gone through it. A lot of students want to excel in school by getting good grades but that is not an easy task to do.

Students in this generation are most likely not just busy in school alone; they are involved in other activities and sports they care about and therefore it’s even more hard to balance everything out in their lives and do well in school all at the same time.

Another thing some students think about is the recession we are all going through. The recession has affected many students because universities and colleges have increased their prices and standards to get in.

This change has made it harder for many students, which has led to stress and the pressure of doing better in school in order to get into a good college or university.

Even though many know how to solve their problems they choose to take the easy way out of facing challenges. Not developed mentally and emotionally, they do not know how to deal with all the stress and therefore some use drugs and alcohol to relieve or temporarily forget the stress.

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Sadly, stress from school, use of drugs and alcohol does lead to another important factor that is occurring a lot in our society today and that is teen suicide.

Statistics on states that, “One in five teens had thought about suicide, about one in six teens had made plans for suicide, and more than one in twelve teens had attempted suicide in the last year.”

Stress is sometimes really hard to cope  with and therefore many think that committing suicide is the only way to solve their problems and stress. Teen suicide has become such a big issue that several states have made a law stating that if you commit suicide and survive then you will have to face a punishment.

Some easy ways to avoid stress are prioritizing responsibilities. Other things you can do to reduce stress in life is to breath deeply when you feel overwhelmed.

Exercising helps relieve stress, so does making lists and using a planner. Writing in a journal and recording thoughts and feelings is a good stress reliever. It is also very important to take time and do activities you enjoy.

Stress is really common in teens but that is something many teens have to learn to face and committing suicide is not the only way out.

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