Electronic cigarettes smarter alternative than real cigarettes

By admin

With the health effects and addiction, every day over ten billion cigarettes are purchased.

A new alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes is becoming popular, electronic cigarettes.

Widely available, these can be purchased online or even at the mall.

Electronic cigarettes work with a cartridge full of nicotine heated up by an atomizer device that produces vapor.

A benefit of this rising trend that may draw people in is the odorless, flavored vapor, which is inhaled and exhaled just like traditional cigarette smoke would be.

Electronic cigarette have less harmful ingredients that can damage your organs. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar or carbon monoxide, and don’t produce ash.

However they do contain nicotine. Different types of electronic cigarettes contain different amounts of nicotine.

Using an electronic cigarette, or e-cig, gives the feeling of a real cigarette without having to worry about the addiction.

The electronic cigarette is great for chain smokers that want to quit their habit. There is no smells that will bother people around the user of the electronic cigarette.

Europe is one of the many places in the world where the use of electronic cigarettes has become widely used by 300,000 people, according to SmokeTip.

Since the vapor has no smell and disappears in the air, people can use these anywhere they are usually not allowed to.

The electronic cigarettes run on battery power, meaning there is no actual smoke; since there is no smoke that the electronic cigarette emits, there is no risk for secondhand smoking and no risk of a fire starting.