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       The phrase “indoor skydiving” seems to be an oxymoron. Skydiving indoors? Well at iFly Seattle, in Tukwila, a vertical wind tunnel gives participants an experience just like that, skydiving without the plane.

        iFly Seattle opened just this past August and many have already enjoyed this unique opportunity to “fly” and many more are sure to come. iFly is a great place for a group or party. Almost anyone can do it! Don’t worry, beginners will not be flying alone. Trained instructors will be there every step of the way to ensure correct body position, safety, and to help make sure everyone is having a good time. The vertical wind tunnel has controllable speeds of up to 160 mph, making it accessible to most everyone wanting to enjoy a thrill.

        Many skydivers go to these commercial vertical wind tunnels to practice tricks and other dangerous stunts before attempting them out of an airplane. They practice body flight, which is similar to acrobatics, in the air. This sport was dangerous and very expensive to practice before indoor skydiving, but now, without the airplane and parachutes, wind tunnel flying provides a cheaper and safer alternative. Many amateur skydivers practice in the wind tunnel to relieve some of the nerves before taking the plunge, but most of the visitors are looking for good time.

         Indoor skydiving has quickly become a sport people of all ages enjoy. It’s a great workout and is considered aerobic activity. The instructors at iFly make sure that safety always comes first, requiring all their “fliers” to wear safety flying gear and to sit through a classroom training session before entering the tunnel. Having a trained professional in the tunnel at the same time also increases safety.

         Bill Adams, who achieved his dream when he opened iFly, said, “I just knew that if you could make this safe people would love to do it. It’s skydiving without having to worry about jumping out of a plane and pulling a chute.”

         iFly Seattle gives an experience unlike anything else in the northwest. Be sure to get a group together to head down to South Center to check them it! There are many different packages to choose from, depending on people’s budgets and what kind of experience they want to enjoy. iFly is well worth the travel time.